The Passing Over Ceremony

The Passing Over Ceremony can be in preparation for the funeral, as a memorial service or standalone process. It is effective at any time after a beloved has died. It has therapeutic benefits as a one-to-one session and can be used to say goodbye to our animal companions or for any form of loss.


This transformative ceremony was created for the benefit of the departed soul. Even if that is not part of your belief system, the nurturing space supports people who are bereaved to express their memories and grief. The group can take their time to say what's needed without time constraints. Afterwards a guided visualisation takes you on a journey with your loved one to say goodbye, bringing a sense of peace.

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When dealing with the death of a family member or beloved person people can be at a loss as to how to process such a challenging life event. There can be a great deal of distraction, with the practical arrangements needing to be addressed immediately which can deprive those responsible of the vital time needed to process.


People may feel that things were not reconciled during life and that it is too late once the person has died. During the ritual, the bereaved are able to take an active part to freely and safely express their feelings aloud, or internally.

An informal one-to-one at home

People report experiencing a sense of relief as they are able to let go of long-held thoughts and feelings. During the group process, each person is invited to share their own stories if they wish, or sit in silence to reflect on different aspects of the departed person. The same is done with the one-to-one session. The safe space enables people to express what they never had the opportunity to say before the departed passed over and can come to new realisations and settlement. Feedback from a client who had a one-to-one after her father's funeral service:

The passing over ceremony was lovingly held by Nell, for me to let go of Dad and remember all that he was. It helped me to process some anger and guilt, leaving me lighter and knowing that Dad was free to leave. I loved how each element brought up something different, as Nell gently guided me. I felt very held and nurtured the whole way through. Nell is an absolute natural at empowering people to go deeply through the grieving process.

Passing Over Ceremony - group: £200 / individual £80