As a Civil Funeral Celebrant I work with my clients to create a personalised ceremony, driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased person and their family. 

Every funeral service is unique and uses your words to meet your specific wishes. This may include religious or spiritual content or none. You may prefer the tone to be formal or less so. Poetry, readings and music can reflect the person who is being remembered and symbolic actions can involve family and friends. Alternatively, a simple service can provide a fitting commemoration. The ceremony will capture the essence of the person and tell the story of the unique life that has been lived, which often includes humorous stories and anecdotes. 

I work with Funeral Directors and can also be contacted directly, offering:

  • Funerals

  • Child & baby funerals

  • Green burials

  • Interment (ashes burial) and scattering of ashes

  • Memorial services

  • Passing Over Ceremonies

  • Pet commemorations

  • Tribute writing

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My aim is to meet my clients’ individual needs; some benefit from emotional support while others prefer their celebrant to have a low profile. I have adopted the Funeral Celebrant Accord, which defines the attributes and skills required of an excellent funeral celebrant. I enjoy meeting people from a broad range of backgrounds and offer an equally broad range of ceremonies from traditional civil funerals to the more alternative and contemporary. This could be anything from a rock singalong to weaving in a theme meaningful to the individual. Please note that I am unable to support lantern or balloon releases but can suggest environmentally friendly alternatives.

Thank you, lovely Nell, for your great help and considered care given to the
Celebration of Life ceremony. Your presence and grace is a gift to any gathering and we are all very grateful that you held the space just as we wished.

Tribute Writing

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When a person dies their next of kin will have the task of making arrangements for their funeral, which usually includes contacting a funeral director and being referred to a minister or celebrant.

The officiant will meet with the family to discuss their preferences for the funeral and to find out all about the deceased person. Some family members may not be able to piece together all the details of the person’s life and, in the days following a bereavement, the duties and decisions required can feel overwhelming.

I work with families to create a personalised farewell for their loved one. The most important part is writing the eulogy, also called the tribute or life story.

Preparing our own tribute, or writing notes for this, can make things as easy as possible for those we leave behind. It also means that our life has been recorded as we wish - including the things most significant to us.

As well as a standalone tribute writing service at the time of the funeral, I offer autobiographical tribute writing with individuals who are giving it some thought in advance. The document is saved securely and the client can share a copy with someone close or it can be stored with a Funeral Director. When the time comes, the tribute is brought up to date and appropriate opening and closing words added for delivery. The ceremony can be led by a celebrant, relation or friend as preferred.


A client reported that she found the process therapeutic and enjoyed reflecting on her life so far -

Nell, that’s beautiful. I have warm and loving tears for myself reading my own tribute. Thank you so much for helping me with this process.

The NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy which I attained with Civil Ceremonies is the highest level accredited qualification available in funeral celebrancy in the UK. I also trained in the specialist area of child and baby funerals. Please see my facebook page for reviews.