Couples' Ceremonies - Weddings and Handfasting

Your wedding day should be as unique as your relationship. Whether you choose to have a traditional wedding service or something a bit left-of-centre, I offer a range of styles for your bespoke ceremony to reflect you as a couple.

Handfastings are gaining popularity as people seek fun, meaningful and more personalised ceremonies. As one of the fortunate few to have trained with the Sacred Celebrants Academy I can conduct the Handfasting unscripted; being fully present in the moment. I support you to prepare your promises and readings in advance. The Handfasting can incorporate cords (twine or ribbons) alone or as part of the rare ‘hoop and wand’ ritual. More traditional services are offered fully scripted if preferred. 

The Handfasting is based around the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Working with you we will co-create an enchanting ceremony which works well both indoors and out. The ceremony gives depth of meaning with opportunities to express your unique personalities and special relationship and your family and friends can be involved,
 whether they choose to read, perform or support you from their seats - everyone feels included.

There are limitless ways to express your love for and commitment to one another. An authentic Handfasting ceremony is the perfect way to create a magical and memorable day for you and your guests.

In addition to your Big Day, I offer beautiful preparatory rituals including the incense or essential oil blending ceremony, hoop dressing (and wand foraging) ritual, jumping the broom, cake and mead, threshold blessing and more. You may choose to share these with friends and family as a gentle alternative or addition to the Stag and Hen do.

Renewal of Vows

All or any part of these rituals can be adapted for commitment ceremonies such as Vow Renewal or other special occasions. All materials are sourced as locally and ethically as possible.

Thank you for everything Nell...we can't thank you enough for making our day so special!

Couple's Handfasting keepsakes

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I have officiated weddings as a Ceremonies Officer (Deputy Superintendent Registrar) for the Registration Service.

Outside of the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury - and Scotland where it was already a legal ceremony - the Handfasting ceremony is not legally-binding and you must contact your local Register Office if you wish to have your vows legitimised. This may be possible on the same day and location as your Handfasting.

We had the most amazing time thank you. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and I cannot

thank you enough for being there!

It made it all the more special!

Wedding / Handfasting from £650 - Renewal of Vows from £500

Please note that I am unable to support lantern or balloon releases but can suggest environmentally-friendly alternatives.