Elemental Ceremonies

We are all made up of the four elements which are all around us in nature. When we work with these energies we attune to higher frequencies and are able to experience them with all of our senses - and not just the conventional ones.

I offer bespoke ceremonies for celebration, rites of passage and to support people during challenging and changing times grounded in these elements, just as our ancestors did.

During my training with the Sacred Celebrants Academy, I received the rites to be a Sacred Flame Holder. This means that I am taking on the mantle of others' highest intentions for peace, as well as conducting transformative ceremonies working with the four elements.

Ceremonies are co-created for individuals to mark important transitions during anything from a divorce to a new phase of life. 
Commitment rituals are for couples, including vow renewal, or individuals having a 'self-love' commitment ceremony. Ceremonies and rituals are an alchemical process combining intention and physical action which can bring about powerful transformation.


I can work with you to create a bespoke ceremony to honour you something you care about. All ceremonies include thanksgiving for the elements and elementals and can include holistic tools as neededSome examples:

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Mud Maiden
  • Commitment, Unbinding, Naming & Eldering rituals
    See Identity Ceremonies


  • Fire ceremonies
    Participants take an active part in letting go and bringing in their desires - more below

  • Home blessing & clearing
    A blessing can make a tangible improvement to the atmosphere in our homes or clear and resolve unwanted energies


  • Land blessings
    In the UK we don't tend to ask for the land's permission before building and cultivating. Ritual helps us connect and work more harmoniously with the natural world


  • Water blessings & ceremonies
    Participants can experience an anointing at a quiet waterfall or sacred bathing ritual indoors (even clothed with a hand and arm or foot washing) as well as giving thanks to the water and elementals

The fire ceremony is a magical and powerful tool of transmutation. Rooted in ancient tradition, the ritual creates a sacred space used to honour and connect with the natural world as well as our inner being. Participants experience a transformative process which can help them to let go of resistance and move forward in life. When we offer wood to fire, we symbolically release matter back to its original essence, which is light.

Having attended several of Nell’s absolutely beautiful fire ceremonies, there was no doubt in my mind how best to mark a special anniversary. It was one year after the unexpected passing of my darling Soulmate. Sitting watching an open fire was one of the many magical experiences we loved to share. Therefore, having Nell hold space for the most amazing fire ceremony in honour of such a beautiful soul was just perfect. As always, Nell’s unique presence and talent made the ceremony comforting, uplifting and indeed a perfect tribute.
I cannot recommend Nell highly enough. She is just wonderful!   

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