Identity Ceremonies

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Our name holds power and is an outer expression of ourselves. Ceremony can have a profound effect on our self-esteem as we claim, or reclaim, our true self. Identity ceremonies can be for any of these reasons, and more:

  • Baby Naming - blessing the new life and a formal welcome into the family and community. Four 'Elemental Guardians' can be chosen from family or friends who can promise to support the child in relation to their element

  • Child Naming - creating a sense of belonging for adoption and other reasons. Elemental Guardians can also be allocated for child naming

  • Adult Naming - marking transitions such as name change by deed poll, spiritual identity, reclaiming an ancestral name and birth right or transgender re-naming

  • Gender & Sexuality Affirming - celebrating and being honoured in your true identity and hearing your name spoken aloud offers a supportive rite of passage

  • Celebration of Self - our relationships start with self-Love and there is power in committing to oneself

  • Unbinding - when a relationship ends it’s important for our forward progress to ‘cut the ties that bind’.
    This doesn’t necessarily mean that our loved one has to leave our lives, but that energetic cords are dissolved which might otherwise hold us back. Sometimes our dynamics can negatively affect our health on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When we take responsibility for how we close our relationship we can ‘consciously uncouple’ which can be beneficial to both people and a positive act in letting it go with respect and gratitude. I have facilitated the process as a gentle ceremony where the client made a commitment to herself and we read poetry and played music and have also held a fire ceremony for a lady to burn her wedding photos and cards. The tie cutting process can be part of a ceremony for stepping into our new life and identity as well as celebrating our next chapter!

  • Coming of Age & Eldering - we have lost our ancient rites of marking significant ages which some other cultures still observe. Whether a child becoming an adult or a person moving into their ‘croning’ years, these are powerful gateways in life which can be supported through ceremony.

You may prefer a simple register office style naming ceremony or something less conventional. Your ceremony is as unique as you are. You can write vows or a dedication to yourself which can be a standalone Celebration of Self or part of your naming ceremony. I will support you in a one-to-one or group process designed for your individual needs and intentions. Harnessing the four elements, you are enabled in releasing the past; taking courage to express yourself; emerging as your true self and integrating through a grounding process.

The Celebration of Self that Nell led me through truly felt like a homecoming of the soul.

Naming and Identitiy Rites: from £350

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