Identity Ceremonies

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Our name holds power and is an outer expression of ourselves. Ceremony can have a profound effect on our self-esteem as we claim, or reclaim, our true self. Identity ceremonies can be for any of these reasons, and more:

  • Baby Naming - blessing the new life and a formal welcome into the family and community. Four 'Elemental Guardians' can be chosen from family or friends who can promise to support the child in relation to their element

  • Child Naming - creating a sense of belonging for adoption and other reasons. Elemental Guardians can also be allocated for child naming

  • Adult Naming - marking transitions such as name change by deed poll, spiritual identity, reclaiming an ancestral name and birth right or transgender re-naming

  • Gender & Sexuality Affirming - celebrating and being honoured in your true identity and hearing your name spoken aloud offers a supportive rite of passage

  • Celebration of Self - our relationships start with self-Love and there is power in committing to oneself

Your ceremony is as unique as you are. You can write vows or a dedication to yourself which can be a standalone Celebration of Self or part of your naming ceremony. I will support you in a one-to-one or group process designed for your individual needs and intentions. Harnessing the four elements, you are enabled in releasing the past; taking courage to express yourself; emerging as your true self and integrating through a grounding process.

The Celebration of Self that Nell led me through truly felt like a homecoming of the soul.

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The power of groups in circle