Ethical links

When we find wonderful people creating and doing fantastic things, we want to share!

Below are just a few of the small businesses

and ethical products we work with who

we'd like to introduce to you.

The Elephant Rooms is a newly established, not-for-profit health and wellbeing centre in Draycott, Derbyshire.

Practitioners offer a broad range of healing modalities, providing a valuable holistic resource to all members of our community.

The centre is beautifully decorated with colourful elephants and some therapy rooms look out onto the enchanting garden.


Chakrubs are sexual wellness products made with 100% natural crystals.

The Heart Centre is an affiliate of Chakrubs; Vanessa Cuccia’s special personal products, combining sexuality and spirituality.  They make perfect sense to me; they are beautifully crafted and presented in a protective silk wrap with a Love letter from Vanessa, showing the company’s heart-centred ethos. As well as being luxuriously pleasurable, they have a direct healing effect on the body; clearing the cell memory of past trauma and emotions.  I promptly sent the plastic equivalents off for recycling (yes, there is a company offering recycling). 

Although based in the US; Vanessa makes shipping to the UK easy and affordable, and personally responds to any enquiries.Please see the website for the Chakrubs Ethos and testimonials to see how much the products have helped and healed people.  Please purchase your Chakrubs, Yoni Eggs and more via this affiliate link: Chakrubs!

Moongazy Cloth

The best reusable, lightweight sanitary liners I've tried; Karen Lucas makes a variety of liners and pads in a range of absorbencies from an array of beautifully patterned material, which are well-made and endure weekly machine washes.

Karen is based in the UK but ships her thoughtfully packaged goods worldwide.  Join her Facebook group here, where you can browse material patterns and designs.

We are also an affiliate member of Mooncups; promoting the benefits, both to women and the environment.  Mooncups are comfortable; convenient; reliable, and of course money saving, being reusable.  Mooncups are far more gentle than tampons, and reduce the massive impact disposal of sanitary waste has on the environment.  Please read more and purchase yours via this affiliate link: Mooncups